The 5 Diets – Secrets of the Stars



Many famous people have given up useless diet plans, which always make them feel hungry and
chose to come up with their own balanced plans instead. 5 stars are ready to reveal their secrets
and how they manage to keep their bodies in shape.

Madonna loves cabbage meals. She is a fan of a diet, especially created for her, which is combined
with intense physical exercises. She says that this diet worked as a miracle after her first child was
born. In addition Madonna`s main secret, which keeps her body fit is that she drinks at least 8
glasses of water per day.

Jane Seymour
She is convinced that keeping your body in shape should not turn into an obsession. Her secret
is that once a week she has a day dedicated to water. She drinks over 15 glasses of pure water,
without having any food. By doing so she manages to keep fit without being necessary to follow a
certain diet plan.

Claudia Schiffer

One of her recent confessions is that she is not capable of doing long, strict diets. That`s why she is
a fan of balanced food. Her main secret is that she drinks one or two glasses of water before eating.
Besides, she drinks two liters of green tea per day. According to Claudia, it is wonderful way to detox
her body and freshen up herself.

Cindy Crawford
Surprisingly the very famous top-model Cindy Crawford is not a fan of diet obsession. However, she
is not a big fan of meat and rarely eats any. The only thing, which she avoids are all sugar-containing
temptations. Her menu includes mainly fish, fruits and vegetables, especially peppers. Once a week
she has a day dedicated to rise- she eats 5-6 portions of rise and nothing else during this day.

Peta Wilson
The very famous “Nikita” is a great example of what could happen if the weight loss turns into an
obsession. During her teenage years, she was a little bit plump, which lead to many issues including
anorexia. Luckily she has managed to recover and now she knows that balanced diet and exercise
will help her to lose weight and shape her body.

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